The holiday season is fast approaching and we have the prefect fashion label to carry you through the season. The Yetunde Sarumi fashion collection boasts bold colors, diverse fabrics, and stunning prints for every occasion. From flamboyant Christmas parties, posh cocktail events to rooftop pool vibes, you are sure to find the perfect piece from this collection.

The Yetunde Sarumi collection is an African inspired women’s fashion label consisting of dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, jackets, pants and recently a swimwear collection. Each piece is intricately designed to accentuate and flatter the feminine physique, essentially empowering women and making them confident and comfortable in their own skin. Her collection exudes a combination of elegance and class for the modern woman, featuring bold African prints that proudly reflect her West African heritage.

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Kris Goyri is one of the most well-know Mexican designers on the rise. His style has been described as pure, exquisite, fresh, and feminine, with a full knowledge of the woman’s body. His collections reflect his Mexican heritage boasting bold colors, rich textures, patters and super feminine designs.

His recent Fall 2017 collection exudes 70’s glam, rich in hue and artfully accessorized. Kris says that he developed the collection based on a village he visited in Veracruz state on Mexico’s east coast. Its beautiful gardens and its mixture of Spanish and Caribbean architecture inspire the 2017 fall collection. The collection is made up of shoulder-less caftans, cutout designs and bell sleeve dresses. Through his recent collection, Kris says that he wanted to transmit the freedom and power of the Mexican women to express herself. This aesthetic is reflected throughout his collection and undoubtedly attributes its international success.

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Clara Fernández is a womenswear and menswear fashion label based in Mexico-City. The label consists of a variety of designs from classic ponchos, men’s shirts and pants, women’s dresses and skirts, as well as some unisex outerwear pieces. The fashion label gained international acclaim due to its efforts in preserving the rich cultural heritage of Mexico’s indigenous communities and transforming Mexico’s heritage into beautiful clothing and textiles. This aesthetic is radiated throughout their collections, as each design is inspired by the geometrics, textile richness, and heritage of Mexico City.

Clara Fernandez is a forward-looking fashion label, leading the way in creating striking avant-garde fashion while at the same time remaining ethical and preserving its Mexican heritage. This has allowed the brand to be featured in internationally acclaimed publications such as Elle, Vogue, The New York Times magazine, the LA Times, amongst others


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Lorraine West jewelry is an independent handmade contemporary jewelry brand based in New York City. Her collection evokes elegance and power through each and every design. The pieces are timeless classics with an edgy creative twist that can be worn throughout the seasons with different looks.

All her pieces are made from precious metals including gold, sterling silver, brass and copper. Her designs are inspired by symbology and geometric shapes to create strikingly elegant and unique pieces. The Lorraine West brand has been spotted among celebrities and Hollywood elite including Bryshere Gray from Empire, actress DeWanda Wise, tennis player Sloane Stephens and actress Rutina Wesley, to name a few.

In addition to her collection, she also offers the opportunity for clients to create their own Lorraine West custom fine jewelry. These pieces are made to order based on the clients preference typically for special occasions such as engagements, weddings, etc.

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Fall season is finally upon us and these scarfs by Krista Norris are sure to keep you looking on trend throughout the season. Krista Norris is a Canadian Fashion designer based in Ottawa. Her stylish scarfs caught media attention and her label became an overnight success after Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau presented two Krista Norris ‘Maverick’ shawls to Malia and Sasha Obama when the Trudeaus were visiting Washington in spring 2016.

The Krista Norris label celebrates quality over quantity, with the current collection only showcasing 12 items each made with careful attention to detail. The collection features timeless abstract prints and patterns and their classic yet contemporary design make her scarves easy to pull off. The scarves are made with authentic quality fabrics designed for Canadian weathers, in a style that can be appreciated internationally.

Norris says she chose to design scarves, as they are a classic accessory that dates back in denoting class and style, and remains a constant in our wardrobes across time and seasons. Her current collection can now be found in select contemporary boutiques across Canada and the United States.

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This week, HOFB founder and CEO Gabriel Ankamafio had an exclusive interview with California Apparel News at our offices in DownTown Los Angeles.

The article discusses HOFB as an enterprise fashion marketplace platform that offers the opportunity for independent fashion designers as well as retailers to sell and source more products easier, faster and globally.

In the interview CEO, Gabriel Ankamafio announces the official launch date for March 2018 and mentions that  at HOFB “We are trying to bring designers who are not known to the forefront, especially with fast fashion.”

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HOFB to Start E-Marketplace for New Designers

For many independent designers and brands, the goal of selling to department stores and major specialty retailers is out of reach because of the challenge of finding the right retail contacts and the manufacturers who can produce in volume for major retailers, said Gabriel Ankamafio, chief executive officer of the Los Angeles–headquartered e-commerce marketplace HOFB (House of Fashion Brands).

He said that HOFB will become an enterprise marketplace platform for independent designers where retailers can browse designers’ goods and manufacturers associated with HOFB will produce the goods that the retailers select. Located at, the marketplace is scheduled to make an official launch in March 2018, Ankamafio said.

“We are trying to bring designers who are not known to the forefront, especially with fast fashion,” he said.

HOFB opened an office in July a few blocks from the University of Southern California, just south of downtown Los Angeles. The neighborhood offers a flavorful, urban milieu. It is the address for a light-rail station and a boutique for the Pros & Consskate and streetwear shop as well as a studio for a fortuneteller.

Ankamafio grew up in Ghana, attended Roberts Wesleyan College in upstate New York and ran footwear factories in China from 2012 to 2015, he said. He chose to locate HOFB in Los Angeles because of the region’s sizable population of computer-programming talent and its position as a supply-chain hub to Asian factories.

Similar to a social-media site, HOFB will give designers a space for profiles called Studio Pages. Designers will upload pictures of their designs, and retailers can browse the profiles.

If a retailer places an order, a manufacturer working with HOFB will start working on it. The purchases can range from samples to mass orders. Ankamafio plans to work with manufacturers from around the world. Designers and retailers headquartered in a specific region can work with a manufacturer located near them. HOFB works with certification companies such as SGS and Bureau Veritas to confirm that manufacturers associated with the site have good reputations for quality, delivering on time and following the law.

HOFB will make money by managing the marketplace and by working on orders to the site, Ankamafio said. The marketplace will focus on mass retailers and eventually will build a model for smaller, independent retailers.

Los Angeles–area fashion designer Reynaldo Aquino joined HOFB and hopes that it will make the sales part of his job easier. It will be a shortcut to retailers who are open to selling his men’s fashion line, Fortis Orbis Atelier. He won’t have to make cold calls. “No more making appointments and lugging samples and tear sheets around to showrooms,” Aquino said. “As far as manufacturers go, I think HOFB will help designers not to worry about getting our garments done right and on time.”


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Haunts Fashions


This week we are featuring the collection pieces and custom designs of Canadian upcoming fashion designer Sarah Haunts. Sarah Haunts is an aspiring 24-year-old fashion designer based in Oakville. She started her fashion brand Haunts Fashion two years ago and it has been steadily growing ever since.

In an interview with Sarah, Global News described her collection as resembling a blossoming garden with her use of bright, bold colours and dreamy floral patterns. Her dress collections are perfect for the spring, featuring beautiful floral patters and her feminine, body fluttering designs make her dresses a must have for any season.

What sets the Haunts Fashion brand apart from the rest is that each garment is carefully handmade locally and ethically in Oakville, by Sarah herself. Sarah says that she views fashion design as the perfect outlet for her creative spirit and enjoys producing luxuriant garments for clients who appreciate her glamorous bohemian aesthetic.

Haunts collection pieces are currently available online and at Grey Clothing in Burlington, Ontario. Haunts Fashion also participates in pop-up shopping events.

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Bright, Bold statement pieces- Golden Ponies

Golden Ponies is a handbags and accessories fashion brand founded in 2009, based, designed and produced in Guadalajara, Mexico. The fashion brand offers unique, bold, and stylish statement pieces that are sure to stand out when paired with any outfit. All products and designs ship from Mexico, and are hand made to order with a variety of fabrics ranging from faux leather to real leather, as well as natural fibers.

Golden Ponies makes two seasonal collections a year, with some pieces selling out, while some remain in their permanent collection. The seasonal collections offer a large variety of pieces that appeal to a great range of tastes and styles. The bright, bold, daring colors and edgy styles appeal to the woman who isn’t afraid to experiment and take risks, as well as classic timeless pieces like leather satchels appeal to the more conservative, chic woman.

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Re-defining menswear, Post-Imperial

Post-Imperial is a Nigerian-American fashion label that is making stirs in the menswear fashion category. Founder Niyi Okuboyejo says that his Nigerian heritage, as well as his experiences moving to the United States  have inspired his designs and collections. His collection is made up of a variety of Nigerian fabrics that go through a rare hand dyeing process known as Adire, developed by the Yoruba’s in the Southwest region of Nigeria. After the dyeing process, the fabrics are then hand painted using cassava starch or wax base, therefore giving his fabrics and overall aesthetic a unique edge above the rest.

Post-Imperial was recently featured in GQ magazine, showcasing their Nigeria-inspired collection of ties and pocket squares, one of the coolest new accessories on the market today. The collection works to redefine menswear office fashion by bringing Nigerian textile fabrics, and seamlessly incorporating them into your everyday office wardrobe. The collection is made up of flowy easy-fit pants, frayed, breezy shirts, suits and unique bold accent pieces.

The Post-Imperial brand works to reinterpret culture into contemporary fashion, through seamlessly merging rich Nigerian textiles to make super chill clothes as well as tailored contemporary office wear. Undoubtedly making the brand unique from the rest.

Post-Imperial has launched their Spring 2018 ready to wear collection and it’s fully dialed in. Follow this link to check it out

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Breaking fashion stereotypes, Loza Maléombho a vibrant fusion of cultures

This week’s blog post features the stunning designs of Ivorian fashion designer Loza Maléombho. Her brand was founded in 2009, in New York City and later relocated to Côte d’Ivoire in 2012, however her designs and collections are available across the globe.

Her brand is best described as a fusion between traditional cultures/ sub-cultures and contemporary fashion. Her designs perfectly bridge the gap between traditional Ivorian fashion and modern fashion. This unique aesthetic and seamless fusion of cultures easily makes her one of this generation’s top designers to look out for.

The Lola Maléombho brand features stunning jewelry pieces, statement jackets, outerwear as well as handmade sandals. Her recent collection was featured on the current issue of Vogue UK, as one of the top five designers to watch out for at the 2017 Lagos Fashion week.

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