Beautiful Fashion Illustrations Inspired by Traditional Romanian Wear

Fashion Illustrations by Dushky

From sewing patterns to advertising to editorial work and beyond, fashion illustration has a long history in the illustration and fashion world. It’s a stunning art form that brings a designers vision to life.

Dushky, a professional artist, illustrator, fashion illustrator and designer from Timisoara, Romania portrays this and more in her fashion illustrations. Called “Frail” her collection revolved around the Slow Fashion concept and was inspired by the fabrics, materials, and techniques in Romanian traditional wear.

Fashion Illustrations by Dushky

Slow fashion makes the right statement to manufacturers about how we as consumers would rather contribute to this world and support the rights of local artisans and workers around the globe.

Fashion Illustrations by Dushky

We continue to buy and wear more clothing, even pieces that we may never wear, all for the sake of being trendy. However slow fashion requires that these pieces are made under better and fairer circumstances with a higher quality that will last longer.

Fashion Illustrations by Dushky

Hence the word “slow” fashion, noting that these products are usually handmade, not mass produced by machines or exploited children and women. Because of this, artisans and other workers are often paid much more and their work provides a sustainable economy and better environment for them and their families.

Fashion Illustrations by Dushky 5

See more of Dushky‘s beautiful work on her website, Facebook Page, and Instagram.

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