3sixteen is a menswear denim company that has been around for for over 10 years. The fashion label specializes in sanforized denim, a process that involves stretching and shrinking denim prior to production. The brand views itself as more than just merely a jeans brand and boasts styles in several different fabrics as well as pride themselves on being artisans and craftsmen.

3sixteen produce their  jeans with a custom denim fabric that is designed and developed in Japan, directly working with the Kuroki Mills in Okayama. The jeans are therefore ideal to withstand hard wear and show incredible character along the way. All fabrics form the collection are chosen for their capacity to develop character with time. Thus remaining to their 3sixteen’s core aim and mission that, “with diligent wear, our customers are rewarded with something well aged, never “old.”

Check out their Website https://www.3sixteen.com/

Check out their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/3sixteen/

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